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November 2009

“Next to doing the right thing, the most important thing is to let people know you are doing the right thing.”
John D. Rockefeller

“If you don’t sell, it’s not the product that’s wrong—it’s you.”
Estee Lauder

We’ve been having this discussion in the office for a few months now. Clearly the marketing trends have evolved – where before we’d have sent our new brochure via the post (yes, snail mail!), we now send a PDF via email. Striving to become a paperless office – being more environmentally aware. Where before we’d make a phone call and have a chat with the agent, we now send a skype message. Are we loosing the personal contact? Should we be sending a newsletter once a month when there’s an average of 30 to 60 newsletters in our own inboxes – half of which we know we’d never read? I went Googling, looking for creative stimulation – and Rockefeller and Estee Lauder answered – yes, yes and yes again.

So, here we are – whether it’ll be monthly, quarterly or yearly – who knows – but you do need to know – we’re still here – delivering the very best of the best. No gimmicks, no funny little gadgets – just relevant news and inspiration.

Globally stats have confirmed the drop in travelers’ numbers – so lets not beat around the bush – it’s been tough. But, like with most clouds here in Cape Town – there’s a very distinct silver lining... Prices have become more competitive – hotels, restaurants, car rental companies, even tour guides – have dropped their rates and upped their service levels. And now, once again, we can say with certainty that Africa is a money wise destination. We are receiving daily specials from suppliers – some amazing deals right over South Africa’s Peak Holiday Season.
Please contact us to find out more:

The one real challenge remains however..... 2010 availability and curbing our national air carrier from charging horrendously ridiculous fares! Return flights per person between Durban and Johannesburg between June 11 & 13 will cost R5 000 (SAA), R4 600 (BA) and R2 600 (1time). I’m thinking chartered aircraft will be the way to go! I received an email from another tour operator a few weeks ago – selling ‘executive luxury packages’ - the prices took my breath away. For six nights (accommodation not even specified), two games, two domestic flights and transfers @ the astonishing price of EUR 16 100.00 Per Person Sharing! What?! How?!

Last Sunday, after a decadent home cooked farmhouse breakfast, I had to get back in my chair after reading an article in our local Sunday paper entitled “The price of a fuller Cup” written by Simpiwe Piliso. In it he discusses villa rentals over the FIFA 2010 World Cup, and mentions four friends from London who has “snapped up” a six bedroom villa in Clifton for the “bargain” price of R4.2 million for the month. Apparently almost 600 million Rands’ worth of packages have already been sold by Match – they must be smiling very broadly raking in some serious profits! For any of our clients wanting this level of comfort – at a better price, please do contact us, we would be delighted to assist:

Luckily there are still some reasonable options available for more realistic travelers wanting to join in the fun that will be 2010. For instance (one example of many), we have accommodation available at university hostels for R600.00 per person per night. Just contact us to find out more:

Ah! But lest we forget.... There’s another 11 months to 2010 – not just soccer! (Phew, what a relief that is :-) And in those remaining months we could add some adrenaline adventure, lazy leisure, sensational stress release, funky festivals, cultural diversity, educational endeavors, financially sound executive business travel, and hopefully lots of holistic holidays! Contact us to turn the dream into reality:

I just had the good fortune of taking a good friend and colleague in the travel industry (from Friendly Finland) on an Educational through Cape Town and surrounds. She’s flying from George to Nelspruit today, and tonight will be her first ever African Safari experience – wish I could see her face when she comes up close to the Big Five. We stayed in the heart of the city of Cape Town, and through un-seasonal rain and gale force winds I shared with her Chapman’s Peak Drive (Yes! It finally opened again :-) the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve, Boulders Beach, the peninsula and Ou Kaapse weg through Silvermine. I was with her on the cruise to Seal Island.... although she was on her own watching the seals and the cruise back to the harbor – I was feeling very very seasick... We also explored the Cape Winelands – Paarl, Franschhoek and Stellenbosch. This trip made me realize yet again how fortunate we are – how much we have to offer, and how lucky I am to be where I am, doing what I’m doing.

Until our next chat, here’s your reminder: Road Travel is an inbound tour operator with a difference, the one & only Custom Luxury Travel Specialist to work with in Southern Africa ;-)

Totsiens / Usale kakuhle / Hamba kahle & Sizobonana!

Kind Regards
Adele Walters

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