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Holistic Travel
Above: Settling back at a Spa

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Holistic Travel

Soak up some soapsuds in one of South Africa’s top-notch beauty spas. Or if you’re not up to being pampered all day there are plenty more holistic activities you can try out. We have just what you need to make you feel brand new.

Sit back and meditate; book yourself a mineral springs bath; spend a day with the arts, solely tending to your creative side or swim with the dolphins. In today’s fast-paced lifestyle you owe your body and mind some time-out. And soon!

The arts
From the traditional artifacts of ancient cultures to the cutting-edge work of today's practitioners, South Africa's art museums and galleries offer visitors a rich artistic feast.
The visual arts have a rich history in South Africa, and the contemporary art scene is no less exciting.

South Africa has the richest concentration of rock art in Africa and among the finest in the world.
Our people produce a wide range of arts and crafts, working from big city markets to deep rural areas.

Mineral springs
As water bubbles up from the earth, it passes through several layers of rock, giving it a rich and varied minereal content.  The heated water and minerals together act as a catalyst to the healing process.  Important to our health, minerals are found in body tissues and fluids, working in combination with enzymes, hormones and vitamins. Minerals are also active in nerve transmission, muscle contraction, cell permeability, tissue structure and rigidity, blood formation, fluid regulation, and energy production.  Mineral baths are believed to improve conditions related to arthritis and inflammation of the joints, plus circulatory, nasal and respiratory problems.  They also relax the body, soften the skin, and soothe the spirit.

Health spas and Rehabilitation Therapy
Recover from the daily grind at one of the finest rehabilitation therapy centres in the country. Relax and surrender to your personal guide, in a few hours you’ll forget why you came there in the first place.

Facials, massages, mud treatments, stress therapy, yoga, reflexology…now doesn’t that sound good? Most of the health spas offer accommodation, or just visit for the day, but a weekend stay is recommended as there are tons of really purposeful therapies available to you including sleep therapy and nutritional advice. Romantic Spa getaways for couples are another fantastic way to connect and rejuvenate.

Beauty therapy
Cape Town has slowly become more popular as a cosmetic holiday destination. But who doesn’t like to look their best? If you’re into it all the whole bang lot is available from manicures to bikini-waxing to foot massages leaving you looking gorgeous from head to toe. Should you require more than your average day at the salon, you can even have full blown cosmetic surgery with top surgeons, but ssshh, our secret. Combine this with a beach side holiday and you’ll go home looking bright, fresh and fantastic.

People are saying Plettenberg Bay, close to Cape Town, is the beach to go to if you want to hang out with some dolphins. They are extremely energetic beings surfing, rolling and jumping through the waves. Those bottle-nosed cuties can be seen all-year round and they swim up pretty close to the shore. Dolphin therapy has become a vastly popular therapy for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Whatever your preference to experience Holistic travel of a different nature, contact us today to create your unique package.

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