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South African Beaches
Above: Quad biking adventures, Namibia

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Sun Travel

The first perfect summer days always make South African’s heart skip a beat because they know that they are guaranteed one of life’s greatest pleasures: Summer in the southern tip of Africa. With a wide range of spectacular beaches, a whole host of game reserves, national parks and exciting landscapes, one can quickly understand why South Africa ranks up there on the list of most beautiful places in the world. 

Here’s some of our top recommended ways to enjoy the warm summer sun in the place that’s described as “a world in one country”.

Africa has some stunning rugged scenery and an assortment of distinctive trails offering panoramic views and wonderful animal and plant life. A natural beauty in its purest form. One of the most popular is the Otter Trail along the Tsitsikamma Coast. There’s no better way to be more in touch with Mother Nature than to put on your hiking boots and take off into the abyss. Nature awaits.

Cape Town’s superb Table Mountain is the spot for the highest commercial abseil in the world. A 112 meter controlled descent, with the privilege of the vast scenery below and the ocean at your feet, this is one activity no one should miss. No previous mountain climbing experience is necessary to fully enjoy this breathtaking experience.

Now here’s something for the scrapbook. For those who have some climbing experience, this activity should definitely be on your list. Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in the world. The entire mountain is marked with hiking trails that are graded by various levels of difficulty. More or less 22 000 climbers get ready each year to conquer it, grading it the most popular mountain to climb. And you can simply walk up it!
Table Mountain also has some really great scenic trails that range in difficulty. Some for experienced climbers only.

Offroading and quad-biking is the easiest way to explore difficult terrain like desert landscapes and sand dunes. Not even 4X4’s can reach it. You could opt to turn your joy-rides in overnights if you don’t feel like being stuck with your luggage all day. Your guide will lead you drudging across crests of dunes and sand. But don’t worry, there will be a few split seconds for some Kodak moments.

River rafting
If roller coaster water rides are what floats your boat then be sure to visit The Tugela River for the most dramatic rafting experience. Did you know South Africa is one of the few places in the world that can show off clean rivers, lakes and dams?

Rapids are also graded according to difficulty and adrenalin junkies will love this one. The best time for rafting in South Africa is between November and May. So what are you waiting for? Get on your life-jacket…

They say that people who have a day job don’t know how to surf. For your holiday learn something new and prove them wrong. You don’t need to book your entire holiday at the beach just to learn how to surf. You can learn to surf in just one day. But after your experience, we’re sure that you will ask us to extend your holiday to some of the best known surfing spots in South Africa.

Cape Town surf instructors give beginners the opportunity to learn this sport in a safe and friendly environment along Cape Town’s finest beaches: Blouberg, Big Bay, Long Beach and Cool Bay. All you need to bring along is your swimming costume, a beach towel, waterproof sunscreen (‘cause you’re going to need it) and a sense of adventure.

Horse riding
Journey to a champagne breakfast on one of Cape Town’s stunning beaches on horseback, or explore the wineland vineyards a different way.

Once you decide to go horse-riding you get to experience a whole new laid back side of South Africa. This activity is perfect for when you need to just kick back and absorb the scenery. There are loads of exciting and awesome horseback adventures such as game drives where you might just find yourself standing in the middle of a herd of kudu or exploring elephant trails and secluded valleys.

Sunny weather conditions, the vast and natural beauty of South Africa's countryside  all play a part in providing the absolute best when it comes to golfing.

This, together with a wide range of accommodation options, makes for the ultimate golfing experience. What's more, a golf holiday in South Africa is value for money.

South Africa has some of the most scenic, and prime golfing regions in the world. Altogether there are more than 500 golf courses to choose from, one in almost every town in South Africa, and the number keeps growing.

The courses are all of a finer quality, exceptionally equipped and surrounded by beautiful scenery. Contact us to assist you with choosing your ideal golf holiday, whether it be a links or a parklands course.

Tented safari
There’s no better way to experience pure African spirit, or to be closer with nature than by experiencing a true tented safari.  You’ll soon realize that South Africa is not how you thought it would be and there are no lions in anyone’s back garden. You have to take a game drive to see the lion, rhino, elephant, leopard, hippo and buffalo.  A tented safari, or mobile camp is not your average camping, but the epitome of luxury. 5 star tents located in the heart of nature provide an escape from the madding crowd and bring South Africa’s big five, right to your doorstep.

Whatever your preference to experience Sun travel of a different nature, contact us today to create your unique package.

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